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Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution

Top Christmas Toys

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of it's launch, Monopoly have created and launched monopoly revolution circular board with all new graphics and sound!

The Electronic Banking Unit with built in songs and sound effects will make this a Monopoly experience that the whole family will enjoy.

Hasbro has modernised the traditional game play experience by revolutionizing elements of the classic game. Now there's no need for paper money, electronic banking on credit cards is the Monopoly Revolution way!

The Revolution Edition is made up of a modern, round game board and an electronic game pod that features exciting song clips and sound effects....

So now if you hear the sound of the jail door closing, you know what to do! It also includes a great mix of hit songs from the passed 5 decades that bring the game to life!

Monopoly's 75th edition objective is to travel around the game board to become the wealthiest player by buying, trading and renting classic Atlantic City properties.

The last player left standing without going bankrupt is the winner.

The Monopoly Revolution boardgame includes:

* 1 circular gameboard and game unit
* 6 Monopoly bank cards
* 6 Movers
* 30 Title deed cards
* 32 Houses and 12 Hotels
* 2 Dice
* Instructions

Please bear in mind that all new monopoly sets become extremely popular around Christmas shopping time and as with last years Monopoly City board game, sets become very hard to find and you can end up paying double as prices also rise due to demand. If you are thinking about buying the new 2010 monopoly revolution then make sure you bookmark this site so that you will be able to find stock of monopoly revolution and where to get the cheapest deals.

Monopoly Revolution board game

Cheapest Monopoly Revolution prices

Monopoly Revolution Board Game - Great Xmas Gift

The new 2010, 75th anniversary edition Monopoly Revolution from Hasbro is going to be one of the most popular top christmas toys. An iconic iconic game with a contemporary twist that all the family will enjoy!

To help you find the cheapest prices and best deals for the Monopoly Revolution , we have compared prices with all the leading UK toy retailers, so that you don't have to spend your time hunting for the best bargains at a time when every penny counts.

We’ve compared UK prices on the monopoly revolution
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To find the cheapest price for the Monopoly Revolution, just click on the 'Compare Prices' image above and you will be taken to our Price Comparison table which is updated daily, so you can be sure you are finding the cheapest online price for your new Monopoly Revolution by Hasbro.

The new Hasbro Monopoly is going to be in big demand this Christmas so make sure you bookmark this site, so that you can find out which retailers have stock and where you can find the cheapest price!

If the new Monopoly Revolution is not really for you but you love monopoly or know somebody that does, then make sure you check out the My Monopoly page where you can have your own personal monopoly set designed. For more information just monopoly

Monopoly Revolution Reviews


If you want to see some of the new monopoly revolution reviews or if you want to send us your reviews of this amazing bozrd game make sure you visit the reviews page.

You can go straight to the reviews page by clicking this link ... monopoly revolution reviews

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April 21, 2014
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